Black Mountain National Park has long harboured a strange history, from masses of missing livestock that have wandered onto the mountain to unusual disappearances and reappearances of local townspeople. One such case involved members of the entire Wahldrov family, who were never found. Cassian Wahldrov returns back home to the town of Black Mountain, following the disappearance of his autistic younger brother Manny. Together with his sister Mae, both setout to find him. Their efforts are quickly overshadowed by a strange force that both splits them up and slowly picks them apart.

  • Film Length : 87min
  • Year : 2017
  • Genre : Thriller/Horror
  • Status : completed
  • Country of origin : Australia
  • Language : English

Rising up from the wilderness of Queensland, Australia, is an eerie sight that stands in stark contrast to the brush and eucalyptus trees around it. Looming over the surrounding green sea of trees is a colossal, blackened jumble of enormous boulders that looks less like a natural formation than something that was intentionally dumped here by giant hands. This is the place known as the Black Mountain. Long heavily associated with bizarre unexplained phenomena and intertwined with dark folklore, it is a strange place long shunned and feared by the indigenous people, and the region is made no less ominous by sightings of strange creatures, unexplained lights, and the numerous people who have come here never to return.

(Source: mysterious universe

The following documents have been retrieved from local archives in the area. An old newspaper article from 1968 details the case of Emily Sargant who disappeared from her house only to end up at Black Mountain National park with no plausible explanation of how she got there. Digging deeper and as mentioned in the article, a 1964 corners report was recently unearthed under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI), involving unexplained events in the disappearance of Dr.Mooch.

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