Nothing has ever gone right for Upstein Fisher. An independent “filmmaker” whose personal and financial failures have driven him to the last road he is on. With the death of his father and sudden emergence of a distant cousin; Upstein finds himself in a world where life is imitating art as he attempts one last film as a last hoorah. Unbeknown to him, he is the lead of his own film, with the only difference that what’s done without the cameras can never be undone.

  • Film Length : 95min

  • Year : 2020 -2021

  • Genre : Drama/Dark Comedy

  • Status : Pre-Production 

  • Language : English


Losing his farm and wife to the 1994 bushfires at Shoal Point in Queensland, Mollen and his teenage daughter Delphine fight to salvage what’s left of themselves and the reality of nowhere to go. Until a mysterious shipwreck washes up near their old property. Is it a coincidence or is something to be found aboard that could be the key to their salvation?

  • Film Length : 90min

  • Year : 2021

  • Genre : Drama

  • Status : Pre-Production 

  • Language : English

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